About us …

We are actually a team at SPEDadvocate.com. As advocates for your family, we are there as experienced and knowledgeable partners to guide you through the process, and advocate for your child’s rights as needed. We are educators first and foremost, with a team of professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in instruction, curriculum, and special education. Some of us also have children of our own with special needs from mild to severe, and have sat at both sides of the table. This gives us the ability to take an empathetic and collaborative role, backed up by knowledge and experience. Together, our years of administrative experience as Special Educators, Special Education team Leaders, Special Education Directors at the district level, and parents of children with disabilities provides insight to the inner workings of a school. We are here working on your behalf.

You will work with one of us guiding you through the process, but rest assured there is a team behind you.

Some of our team (alphabetically …)

Heather Baker:

I am the parent of five children and grandparent of three. I have worked my entire educational professional life in special education and hold an M.Ed. in School Guidance as well as a Certificate In Advanced Graduate Studies in Counseling Psychology. My last full-time in-district job was chairing IEP meetings for a very busy school system in the Boston metro area.

I bring to the job extensive knowledge in the IEP process, understanding of evaluations, experience on “both sides of the table,” and truly enjoy the collaborative process a district and family share. My goal is to help you and your student through this process with as little stress as possible.

Craig A. Haller:

I personally have been advocating for severely disabled students for twenty-one years. Not all of that professionally … I have two severely disabled children. My work with families is generally with students who are severely disabled; I have worked with therapists and teachers on all levels, doctors and agencies of the Commonwealth (Department of Health, Attorney General) and legislators in the State House.

My job is to help educate you in your rights, make sure your child is getting all he/she requires, and ensuring that the relationship between your family and the school district is productive. (see more here)

Our Philosophy

We offer parents (and students) Special Education Advocacy as you strive to obtain the best academic and related services program to meet your child’s special and unique needs. Our Advocates are trained in special education law and state regulations regarding IEPs (Individual Education Programs) as well as 504 Plans (a section of the 504 Rehabilitation Act of 1973).

Our Philosophy and Approach aim to facilitate a positive and productive collaboration between all members of the child’s special education or 504 team that includes parents and all the school staff. The goal is a positive and effective relationship where all members work together in the best educational interests of the child. Our firm belief is that an educational advocate (except in very rare situations) is not an adversary to the school. A good advocate is seen by most schools as a welcome addition to the IEP/504 team that is working together to provide a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) for your child.

Let us work together, as a team, to get the best for your child.