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Above and Beyond

We hired Craig in September of 2014 thru March of 2015. During this time Craig sent countless letters, e-mails, phone calls and attended meetings in order to get our daughter her FAPE. When we called or e-mailed Craig he would immediately respond and follow up even after normal business hours. Craig has exceptional knowledge in special education law that allows him to effectively communicate to districts in a positive manner, yet gets the best results for his clients. Craig continued to research our case and brought to our attention other outside resources that were instrumental in our case. Everyday he fought tirelessly as if our child was his own daughter. Even when we wavered Craig kept fighting. We will be forever thankful for all Craig has done for our daughter and her future in education!

Kelli C.

Craig is the Best!!

Craig worked with my family on getting my son in a full day public school program. Since the 1st call he always asked me what I thought and what I wanted for my son. In the end the school gave my son the program we were asking for, with the agreement that we would be able to visit the classroom and see it before we made the decission and signed the IEP. Craig followed up with the school when I did not get the IEP when I should have and followed up when I got the IEP and one checkbox was not filled in correctly in a 40 page IEP! He is very passionate about what he does it and it comes throgh in all his work. He is a ROCKSTAR!!

Amy D.

Knowledge, compassion and guidance

Craig Haller has been by my side as an advocate for my two children on multiple occasions. I was beyond relieved to have his knowledge, compassion and guidance during the meetings with our school.
It can be very intimidating facing school administrators and I felt very vulnerable going into these meetings. But Craig gave me the confidence that we would achieve the best possible outcomes for the individual needs of my children. His calm demeanor and diplomatic approach allowed me to relax at the meetings and feel more in control of the direction of the meetings. He has a graceful way of deflating the tension that these meetings inevitably generate.
I don’t believe I would have had as much success with my children’s educational outcomes if Craig had not been with me to help. He is a true blessing!

Heather F.

Just fantastic … transition issues

When I reached out to Craig, I was very distressed when it came to a transition with my son who is on the Autism Spectrum. I had always advocated for my son in prior years, but his senior year was different. I was getting the run around from every person in his school district who were people that I thought had my son’s best interest at heart but quickly learned that to them, he was just another student they wanted to push out the door.

The day I contacted Craig, I was in tears, literally. I was sitting in a parking lot desperate to get my son funding to go to a proper transition program. There was no transition plan in place and no one was willing to work with me at his high school. Within ten minutes of talking to Craig, I felt like someone understood how I was feeling because he actually did. The next morning I sent him every piece of paperwork, IEP, email, etc … that had to do with my son and his transition.

To make a long story short (which I could make it long, trust me), Craig took on not only one school district, but two. He never backed down, he stood our ground, and got a settlement for us. My son is happily in the new program doing amazing and it’s in part because of Craig and his wonderful associate who never gave up the fight for the rights of my son.

If he can help even just one other family the way he helped me and my son, then that is one family that will not have to go through the stress and rejection that we had to before hiring Craig.

Lisa V.


My son this year has been bullied by his teacher and every time I tried to take care of it myself I ended up at a dead end. The school would make excuses for the teacher who bullied my son and I didn’t know where to go for help I couldn’t sit by anymore and watch my son suffer. I called Craig and he took our case right away saying we will get to the bottom of this and my son will not be bullied anymore. Craig went above the heads of the people in the school and got the job done so fast. I can’t not thank him enough for giving my son a happy life again. Without Craig we would have been lost and my son’s self-esteem crushed. Craig is our hero and we are forever thankful for his help and support. (And he did it all long distance!)

Mindy M.

When you don’t know what to do or how to do it, Craig is your person.

I first contacted Craig after being referred to him. I thought I would be wasting his time. No one in our school system cared before; why would they now? All said and done this is our 3rd child and we have had problems like this before with our oldest when she was in the same grade at the same school. WOW, was I wrong. Craig listened, he spoke to me with kindness and strength that I couldn’t find. I work for my local school system so it was extremely uncomfortable for me to go head-to-head and toe-to-toe with them, yet with Craig I did! My daughter is now back in school with a plan for her success. She is gaining confidence again with her teachers and herself. She will succeed, this is in our eyes is a reflection on how hard he will work for you. He was instrumental for us. He was like a family member working to make sure everything was right for all of us and that we all were comfortable. He was the backbone I needed to stand up and say (with his help) NO, THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO TREAT MY CHILD, OR ANYONE ELSES’! I could go on for hours but instead I will say, CALL him. I am so grateful for him taking our family into his practice. He kept constant contact and even followed up with us frequently when we were able to get the proper plans written for our child to make sure all was going as planned. Parents he is THAT GOOD. He is the person you knew was out there but didn’t know where or how to find him. He can make you laugh when you are ready to cry, he can make you feel like you have that fight again when your ready to rollover. Don’t take my words for it, call Craig and see for yourself you will not be sorry.

Jenn and Ron R

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